Friday, August 24, 2007

Still at it

And it's still super easy for me. It's just making so much sense. I can see what I had been doing wrong in the past, and how it was always such a struggle for me because I wasn't getting it. Now that I think I've got it, I just make the smart choice without even putting too much thought into it. Sure I had two spring rolls and 1/4 pita with some artichoke dip, but then I didn't have bread with dinner or dessert. I chose what I wanted and that's what I ate. And I went for a long walk this morning (all the way to the Running Room to get my new shoes - I figured I may as well buy them here and not pay the PST). We stopped at Starbucks and even though I had said I would indulge in my cream frappucino once while I was on my trip, I haven't yet, and this morning I got a cinnamon de luche not fat, sugar free grande (or whatever it's called, I've been to Starbucks like 5 times in my life). So yay for me.

I still haven't been able to run, my knee is still pretty sore, but I'm OK with it. I'm not freaking out, I know I will start again when I can. I've been walking consistently every day, minimum an hour, and sometimes more than once. If my knee decides to heal quick enough, I'll continue training for the half, but if I can't do it - I can't do it. I'd be perfectly happy with running 5-7k 5 times a week. I always like having something to train towards, but with my newfound mentality, I know I could easily keep up the routine without having that goal.

I feel good, my 12's are too big for me (some of them are actually sliding down!) so I can't wait to go home and pull out all my 10's.

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desajair said...

Sweet! I haven't had a chance to comment on your last few posts, but I'm so happy that you're happy! And yay to just everything! I sure hope your knee heals up too, its never fun having an ochie that won't go away.

And I so wish I could get to where you are on the eating thing, I'm working on it, but it's just not clicking yet.