Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I shouldn't even call them renovations.

It's painting and backsplash. Oh, plus new lights in the kitchen (the fluorescent lights under the cabinets drove me crazy, it is just me or do fluorescent lights always seem to have a flicker?)

So rooms painted are:

living room
kids play room
dining room
eat-in area

Left to do:
kitchen (after the backsplash goes up)
front entrance
master bedroom

Needless to say, our house is still in shambles. Plus, now I've decided to paint the mantle and the fireplace (to get rid of the brass - will show before/after)

But I am LOVING the paint colour. We chose revere pewter by Benjamin Moore. The picture below shows the colour best, plus we have crown molding in every room and the same colour hardwood.

We used metropolis as our accent colour (the wall above the fireplace) and it's gorgeous. We had used this colour in our last house for the whole back wall of the house and I knew I wanted to use it again.

Whoops. I had come on here just to complain about living through a house in shambles and asking how do people get their whole kitchens renovated while still living in the house - don't you go crazy? Dinners have been easy sandwiches, grilled cheese, cut up veggies and fruits. Thankfully the weather here in Ottawa has been beautiful for this time of year so we can go outside with the kids for a few hours rather than following them around the house making sure they don't trip over blankets, put their dirty hands on my fresh newly painted walls.

P.S. I haven't gotten on the scale in a while - there have been competing priorities for my time, but my clothes are feeling looser and I feel I am looking slimmer. Which to me - is more important than the # on the scale.

P.S.S. But don't' worry, I'm NOT losing steam. You would be amazed at the changes I've been making in my diet. When I'm not so all consumed about the things going on in the house, I'll tell you what I've been doing to come closer to my goal.

3 people had this to say:

Teresa said...

Nice color. The house is going to be lovely and fresh once you're done. Take care.

Chantal said...

that photo looks great. I want to paint our house so badly!!!

April @ The Painted Cupboard said...

Beautiful color....I'm painting my whole house this color now!! What color did you use for your moulding and trim? Thanks