Friday, August 31, 2012

An achy head

I'm prone to headaches.  I've suffered from them for as long as I can remember.  I remember my mom having to split a tylenol in two and crumble it up into milk so I could take it when I was young. For my first pregnancy I had a headache for 4 months.

 I've constantly got a bottle of Tylenol or Advil within each for when they creep up.

I don't think I've ever gotten a migraine - with the whole aura-thing going on, but they've often been bad enough that I have to lie down, all the lights off, no noise, a cold washcloth in my head and lay as still as I can because any little movement is painful to my head.

During this past summer (what? is summer past already? say it ain't so!) I noticed I was getting headaches more often than not.  I started tracking my headaches and when it got to about 45/52 days of headaches, I called my doctor.  My doctor (and I) seem to think they are tension related - but he sent me off to get a CT scan just to make sure.

I had my CT scan on Monday night, and Wednesday morning my doctor calls me.  Yes, he called me, not his office.  As soon as I heard his voice, I knew something was up.

 (this is the CT machine - very House-like)

"Christy, they've found something in the cat scan".  "It's most likely nothing, but I want you go to back for a full MRI" "It may be a small aneurysm, but I'm confident it's nothing".

Of course all I hear is MRI and aneurysm.

So this Sunday I go back for an MRI.  I'm fully confident that it's nothing, but I can't wait to have those results back assuring me of that.

A side note: I had only two headaches while on PEI (my 2 week vacation, pictures to come!). W hat was I not doing on PEI? Hot yoga!  I came back, went back to yoga and BAM - a headache that night and the next day.  Googling "hot yoga and headaches" resulted in learning that quite a few people experience this and maybe hot yoga isn't for me?  Not until after the MRI at least!

Another side note: Don't google 37 year old female possible aneurysm - you will NOT like the results from Dr. Google.

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Chantal said...

Dr Google is a scary thing! Hugs Christie I am sure your doc is right and it is nothing but better to err on the safe side. Let us know how it goes. Take Care

M and A said...

I used to get headaches after every hot yoga session too. I found the only way to get rid of them was with a sports drink. No amount of water before, during, or after seemed to help.
Good luck with the MRI!

Christy said...

I should know never to google medical symptoms! I will definitely update with my "It was nothing" post :)

I've been reading about sports drinks - more specifically about Emergen-C for my hot yoga sessions (except it's fizzy, and I hate fizz!) Good to know it worked for you though, will definitely have to try it out, thanks!

JavaChick said...

A friend and I were just discussing the fact that Dr. Google is a bad idea the other day - you will almost always freak yourself out.

Good luck with the MRI! I had one once, and they wanted to look at my ears so they put this helmet over my head so I couldn't move...I concentrated very hard on practicing yoga's a little claustrophobic in there. I survived though, so just think positive thoughts and remain calm!

Thinking good thoughts for you!

Christy said...

Thanks Javachick! I had the MRI and I did just like you, I used my yoga breathing and focused on that. I didn't open my eyes once, I knew that I would totally freak out if I did.

Danielle @ D. Sells Seashells said...

With everything going on with my dad I have learned to stay far far away from Dr. Google, and actually, my dad told me he hasn't looked once at google because he's afraid it will sway his positive attitude.

Just the same, I understand that you're nervous. Sending you healthy and positive thoughts, Christy :)