Monday, November 14, 2011


The title is two-fold.

1 - My mind is all cluttered, so you may see a few posts with lots to do about nothing
2- My house is so cluttered it drives me insane!

This past weekend was spent inside (well, mostly inside) working on the house.

The outcome: Jeff now has an office in the basement AND we have a guest room in the basement!

We are expecting 7 family members to stay with us over the Christmas holidays (3 "couples - plus my 4 year old goddaughter/niece). So the extra bedroom in the basement will come in handy.

Jeff and I just bought a new king sized bed (and oh my, it's glorious) so we moved our old one downstairs.

The room that is now the guest room (well, right now it's a room with a bed in it) was just cluttered with things that ended up there because a lack of anywhere better to put it. Since we moved in, things just magically appeared in there when we wanted them out of sight. So clearing that room and moving the bed in really helped, as I would get so discouraged every time I looked at the room (and then I'd just put something else in there and close the door, out of sight, out of mind)

Our painters are at the house this week to paint our main floor, the hallways and our master bedroom + ensuite.

I'm SO excited.

One word of advice: if it's possible, get your house painted BEFORE you move in (especially if you have small children)

This is what my house looked like this morning.

But once the house is painted we can FINALLY start making it ours, making it lived-in, putting pictures up, putting some shelves up, adding our personal touches.

My step-dad is also there to do the backsplash in the kitchen.

Here's a before picture:
Here's the tile we are putting up:

Again, so excited. And in other news....

This is my breakfast and it's heavenly.

And even though this weekend was super busy - I managed to fit in an early Sunday morning workout (despite how hard it was to get out of OUR NEW BED)

Oh, and I may have gotten this as a little treat on Friday:

(lipgloss makes me happy, very happy)

Happy Monday everyone!

4 people had this to say:

Chantal said...

So nice to know your happy. Progress on this stuff really helps. I want to paint our main level but there is so much to move (and the kids) I am just not ready to go through all that yet. We are thinking of putting laminate on our main floor in the spring and we will paint (walls and ceiling) at the same time. :) Have a great day!

Teresa said...

A freshly painted house is the best. Good luck with the whole process, it will be worth it in the end.

CrYs said...

Good luck with the painting :) Just seeing your house covered in sheets and in progress made me anxious. LOL

Sasha said...

Good for you! And yes, painting an empty house is definitely the way to go. Or, well, I imagine it would be - I've never tried it, but I sure have wished I had :).