Monday, August 13, 2007

Under control.

Even though we have visitors, my eating has been so super under control I'm amazing even myself. We went out for lunch today and I ordered a chicken breast sandwich with a garden salad (dressing on the side) and it came with bacon and cheese - I took off the bacon and gave it to my 15 yr old nephew and only ate one half of the bun it was on. I didn't miss the other half of a bun, or the fries that would have come with it. I should learn to ask exactly what comes on the sandwich so I could have asked them to hold the cheese and bacon.....

We went out to a friend's house for dinner and they had an amazing spread put out for us, and I ate veggies for an apetizer instead of the nachos and layered dip, I had chicken instead of the sausage and buns, I had a small helping of potatoe salad (probably the best potatoe salad I've ever had), a serving of the strawberry spinach salad and only half my dessert. I didn't have a glass of wine (only water) and again, I didn't miss what I didn't eat.

Amazing I tell ya. I estimated my points because I wasn't sure what was in everything, so this week was a big bunch of estimates (again at the baptism party I had a small helping of dinner because there were yummy desserts, and I only had a small piece of two) but overall I still think I'm pretty on track and could have done ALOT worse.

The next two weeks will be a challenge, I'm going to Vancouver on Thursday for a week to visit my cousins, and then on to Edmonton to visit my dad, step-mother and sister. So what's being served for dinner and available to eat is a bit out of my control, but so long as I don't gain... I'll be happy. Plus I'm planning on doing lots of walking and start my running again if my knee allows me.

On that note, my knee is feeling much better. It's pretty sore in the morning when I wake up but it gets better throughout the day. I'll see how it feels after the week is up and decide when to start running again.

I miss it though!

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Kristen said...

You did really well! there's no better feeling than to be in control of what you're eating.

I'm glad your knee is getting better; got my fingers crossed that you can start running again soon :).