Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I think I have multiple personalities

I'm happy
I'm sad
I feel good
I feel ick
I think I'm skinny
I think I'm fat

It never stops! Anyways, today is a good day :) I went to my core class last night and it totally kicked my arse. I was hoping that once I got to know the drill/routine, then I'd be able to make the class work for me and I could put 110% in, which I did last night. I was dripping sweat like 5 minutes into it and was absolutely wiped at the end.

(my crowning moment? We got timed for the number of hits/minute of the speed bag, I got the highest, 87, the second highest was 62!). We also counted the number of skips/minute = 97 and the calories/minute on the elliptical (16.9). I like taking baselines so I have something to compare it to a few weeks down the road)

The scale (I know I know, it's not Saturday) is showing me the same weight as Saturday which is a GOOD thing because there were a few incidents on the weekend (read: cheesecake, a handful of chips, some french fries and icecream) and during the work week is when I actually see a drop. I'm so happy I switched to Saturday morning WI's (and I do it at home).

I'm excited for the salad bar at lunch (I'm meeting my two sisters for lunch today) so I figured I deserved a treat.

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