Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nonsense rant.... just let me.

Down 1.5 - so I'm 157. I don't like this weighing in at night thing. I feel like I'm 153, not 157. I just tried explaining this all to Jeff and he didn't get it. Like I said earlier today, for the past 5 years (on and off) I've known what it feels like to be at a certain weight. I know how certain sizes fit me at different weights. Also, my goal of 145 is 12 lbs away instead of 8. I know it's all relative but like I said, 145 was always my goal - but my morning weight, not my night time weight.

I don't normally feel good at 157. Since I lost all my weight, I've only been back at 157 twice. When I was pregnant I easily surpassed that number, and then when I lost it after I had Carson. Now I'm back there and I feel sad. Not like I felt this morning when I saw 153.

It's amazing how numbers do this to us, isn't it? I feel on top of the world, like I've got it all under control, like it's finally making sense to me and then boom. I step on the scale at 157 and I can almost feel the tears in my eyes. I wanted to walk out of the meeting. But I stayed. I heard a few good comments and am feeling a bit better now.

As silly as it sounds, I almost want to record my weight in the morning and only go to my meetings to listen to people talk, not to stress about my weight there.

See - told you it was a nonsense rant. I'm off to bed to read :) Here's a picture of me this morning, I'm posting it for my sister. She gave me a bag of clothes she hadn't worn in the past year so she was getting rid of. I got so many compliments on it today and she doesn't even remember it. (don't mind the messy kitchen in the background!)

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Amuldoon said...

You my love, are friggin gorgeous!

I should also note, that I love love love your tile. I've been on the hunt for backsplash tile of late. Did you add it afterwards, or was it included in your kitchen when you bought? I love it!

desajair said...

You are SO CUTE!

JavaChick said...

I completely get where you are coming from. Weight loss - and Weight Watchers in particular - is all about hitting that number on the scale. By changing your weigh-in time, it's like you've gained 4 lbs. Which you haven't. But it would feel that way.

Love the picture though - you look great!

Sonya said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! What a cute, cute, outfit.

I totally hear you on the weighing in AM vs. PM. If you've always weighed in during the morning, you should go by that weight.

Kristen said...

I totally "get" where you're coming from. I always think I'll be okay with whichever number I see, until I get on the scale and it's more than I want it to be. I never weigh in at night..grr.

You're outfit is really cute and you look a-ma-zing! Yay for different clothes :).

Miss Gogo said...

Christy, you look SO good! I haven't seen you in forever and you look amazing! Your hard work is definitely showing!