Tuesday, April 8, 2008

One Fifty Threeeee

I know I should get my head around the fact that I now weigh on at night times - but really, for the last 5 years where I've been following WW (no matter how loosely at times) I always weighed in first thing in the morning. Right before my shower. Sans clothes.

This morning when I did that - I saw 153. That makes me happy. Because the WW location I go to is a community location (I think that's how they described it) you have to pay for the 6 or 10 week program up front. My last session is tonight. I wanted to go back to my Saturday morning meetings, but the little guy and I have swimming lessons then. And I'm definitely not willing to give that up. So I heard once upon a time there was a WW meeting somewhere here at work - that's the first thing on the agenda this morning - to find out where. That may be the perfect solution. Sure it's still not in the morning, but I can do it during work hours (I think it's most likely at lunch time) and then my Tuesday nights are freed up.

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