Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday goodness

I just got back from a one hour power walk and am sitting down to leftovers from last night's dinner ** and thinking that I've had a pretty darn good week. I'm pumped for the long weekend (even though the forecast doesn't look great) to spend time in my garden, with my family, hopefully a get together with our friends and just making plans as we go.

I LOVE long weekends!

Oh! And R's mom - I would LOVE the recipe, I figured you had the book but knew you'd been crazy busy lately so I didn't want to ask.... no rush, just whenever you have a minute.

**I didn't use the parmesan cheese in the recipe, I just sprinkled a bit of shredded romano cheese on top before eating. I also added grilled chicken breasts (2 breasts for 6 servings). I served it over whole wheat couscous. The results? I really liked it. I dont know if something is wrong with my oven but it doesn't seem as hot these days. The last two meals I made I had to keep extra long in the oven.... hmmm....

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