Monday, May 19, 2008

Today is a new day

So I should forget the ice cream, chips and peanut butter that was consumed already this weekend.

Although it's still the long weekend, today is Monday and no more weekend give-ins!

(But, I've had an awesome weekend if that counts)

It's raining today which sucks, I had planned to go back to the tulip festival or something else of the same outdoorsy-fun.

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R's Mom said...

Don't hesitate to ask for any recipes! I'm a speed typer, so it doesn't take me long.:-)

Just back from nyc today - will send it along in the next few days.

BTW - you don't even *want* to know what i consumed this weekend. Pure insanity.

desajair said...

But it's Core class tonight, so anything you ate, you'll work off!