Friday, June 6, 2008

I've tried... really hard

At not letting the scale affect my mood, but I temporarily let down my guard last night. I had some overly ripe bananas on my counter and in the last half hour or so that Carson was up, I decided I was going to make banana pear bread (my own conconction that everyone loves). As soon as Carson went to bed, that's what I was going to do. And I was going to eat as much of it as I wanted to. And put butter on it.

BUT, I'm pleased to report that didn't happen. I made some white tea and ate some cherries instead.

If I'm completely honest with myself, I shouldn't really expect to lose anything. I have been eating healthy yes, I have been exercising yes, I have been meeting the 8 healthy guidelines yes, I have been drinking my water yes... but I haven't been counting points. My snacks always consist of fruit, my meals are not loaded with fat, I eat lots of lean protein and veggies... but perhaps I've simply been eating too much.

So this week I'll start journalling again and maybe, by the time we start trying for baby #2 (was supposed to be this month, but plans changed) I will have dropped a few more lbs so I'll be starting off at a more healthy weight.

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Malinda said...

oh baby #2... I hope it comes quickly for you. So exciting!!!

I challenge you to not step on the scale for an entire month!!! Put it away.. out of sight out of mind... its a number and like you said your clothes are feeling good and that's what really matters

in my opinion anyways