Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sweaty McSweat Pants

Last night's core class was good.

BUT - I sweat so much it's embarrasing. It's not like I'm the biggest girl there - but I definitely sweat the most. I know I'm not the only one who gives it my all, but still, I sweat the most.

We were doing planks at one point and the sweat was dripping off my nose. What's wrong with me? I hate it!

I don't sweat much otherwise, except when I'm working out, which is good, but it's been bothering me lately at class.

AND - Amy and I used to talk about this at our bootcamp last fall. Why do people spend tons of money on going to the gym, or any type of exercise class and not try hard? Why just do the motions without putting your heart into it? I'm there for a reason. I want to take full advantage of every movement I do. It drives me batty when people just complain the whole time (no one did that last night, but at bootcamp there was a few people who did), so why bother wasting the time and money to sign up for something that you don't want to try your best at? Sorry for the rant....

Jeff and I had a little umm... arguement last night. Basically I was complaining about being fat (which I found out I do more than I thought I did) and the end result was the realization that I have to do something about it. Sure I've been loosely following WW but like I posted a couple days (weeks?) ago, if I'm being honest I'm not being totally faithful (which, I understand totally contradicts what I said above, but I'll excuse myself by saying I'm not actively going to meetings or paying for a subscription). So it was an arguement with a happy ending (as most are) and I learned something from it. Sometimes it takes someone close to you to say something. Something you KNOW but don't want to admit. And sure, it hurts, initially.... but then you realize they are only saying it cause they love you. And before anyone has any type of thought that Jeff wants me to lose weight, I can assure you that's definitely not the case, he just wants me to be happy and comfortable in my own skin, which I'm not.

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eurydice said...

I am also really sweaty when working out. Just think about all the toxins that are being released! It's a good thing I'm sure. My head is drenched - and my sports bra is sick after a good run.

marie said...

I used to watch the women at the gym, who were there religiously every day at 6am, and not put much effort into their workouts and spend more time at the mirror AFTER.

I think they just liked saying they went to the gym five days a week.