Sunday, July 6, 2008

Oh, it was the flu

I was up all night - it was horrible. I couldn't close my eyes or I felt dizzy. So I watched weird movies, strange TV and made several trips to the bathroom.

Today, I'm trying to stay in bed, but one unfortunate pregnancy symptom that I must have forgotten about is restless leg syndrome. I had it last time arond and apparently it's back in full force. So I can't sleep.

Carson on the other hand woke up at 6, fell asleep in bed with Jeff till 7 and then fell asleep on the couch till 8. He's back in bed now (10am) and can't keep his eyes open. I hope this is his way of fighting the flu.

Back to bed for me.

3 people had this to say:

Amy said...

Sending 'get well soon' thoughts your way babe.

Anne said...

Hope you feel better soon!!
I also want to say a big CONGRATULATIONS!!

I have a new blog btw, stop by for a visit if you feel like it.

desajair said...

Get better! Oh my gosh, not not not fun. Drink lots and lots and lots of fluids---pedialyte is good for us adults too!