Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I love my mags!

I would subscribe to a thousand magazines if I had the money and almost more importantly, the time. So, in addition to my "Today's Parent", I subscribe to one magazine a year. This year it was Chatelaine.

Each issue they have an article showing the style of clothing for "the season" in each size. I always look forward to this article, to see what I should be wearing. To be honest, I'm not always the most hip or stylish dresser. I tr to pick up a few new items each season, but I would love to be a tad more stylish. Anyways, this month it was all about sweaters. And which sweater looks good on which sizes (full article here)

I'm quite happy to report that BEFORE seeing this article, I had gone to Winners last week and picked out two of these capped sweater cardigans (like the one displayed on size 10, which is me). So I'm in style without even knowing it.

There's a picture of me wearing one a couple posts down. I love it! I love them both (although I haven't worn the other one). One is black, and the other (as in picture) is black with white flecks. I bought another brown sweater that when I took home and tried on with what I thought I would be wearing it with, it didn't look quite right, so I'm going to return it. And hopefully pick out another one of these cardigans. They are super comfy, keep me warm (without being too warm because you don't have the big heavy sleeves) and you can totally change the look of your outfit by wearing either a short sleeve shirt undernear or a long sleeve. It can be worn with jeans, to be casual, or with dress pants of even a skirt to be business-y enough for work.

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