Friday, October 10, 2008

Today is the greatest...

Ahhh the sun was shining on my way to work, I had the music pumped, thinking of how great life is.... and then Smashing Pumpkins "Today" came on. What perfect timing!

Last night I picked up a carton of So Good vanilla soy milk. I love soy milk in my latte and thought it would be divine in my oatmeal. And am I ever glad I did, it was every bit as delicious as I had hoped.

So besides the taste, I want to know if soy is actually BETTER for me.

I really should become more knowledgeable in nutrition other than what I've learned on WW. I still first glance, always look at calories, fat and fiber. So looking just at that, I'd obviously choose the skim milk. But - can anyone else fill me in on the benefits to soy milk as opposed to skim?

I've also been reading alot about ACAI. I'm trying to incorporate disease fighting, energy giving, good for us, the true meaning of the word "healthy" foods. Not just ones that are low in calories and good according to WW. I read in some magazine about acai/pomegranate/berry yogurt and I looked in my grocery store last night and couldn't find it. I must search my mags at home to see which brand it was.

Why Should I Eat Açaí?

Surprisingly for a fruit, the vast majority of the calories come from fat: A four-ounce serving of pure açaí contains about 100 calories and six grams of fat.However, it is rich in anti- flammatory omega-9 fats and also contains little sugar. Açaí contains essential fatty acids, iron, calcium, fiber, vitamin A, and other antioxidants.

Scientists have discovered that açaí is rich in anthocyanins, a special group of plant chemicals believed to have many health benefits. In fact, açaí contains ten times more anthocyanins than is found in an equal serving of red wine. Anthocyanins in açaí make up only about ten percent of the total antioxidants contained within this amazing little berry.

Açaí also contains phytosterols, a plant component known to reduce cholesterol, treat symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (swollen prostate), and help protect the immune system from physical stress.


From the same article as the link above: 10 life-saving foods











I can happily say that walnuts, honey, flax, blueberries and sometimes eggs and spinach are part of my regular diet. Pomegranate always seems like too much work to me, kale scares me (I just have to buy it once and try it!), I love cabbage rolls so maybe I should start making them again and I have to find acai!

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eurydice said...

Look up "kale chips" to try kale... they are pretty tasty.