Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sounds like fun

Today's class is "Cardio Sweat and Stretch". It's my first time going and I hope it's worth it.

Cardio Sweat: Come and sweat away calories. The Health Club Santé GroupFIT professionals will motivate and coach you to pace yourself as you move and groove to great music for 40 minutes in this low impact cardio conditioning and stretching class. Challenging, Fun and amazing!

I was also down 2 lbs this week - which is great considering I've already begun to partake in the festive eating season. So long as I can keep up my gym attendance from now until Jan 2nd (and beyond...) I think I can maintain. I'm not exactly watching what I'm eating, I'm just trying to make it as balanced as possible. In between the parties, the lunches, the showers, the birthdays, I am eating well while at home and at work. That's balanced, isn't it?

Update: Class was OK, there were only 2 of us (plus the instructor) but I certainly gave it my all. I know I need variety in terms of workouts, but I normally gauge my workout by the amount I sweat. My treadmill work out leaves me sweating buckets. This class my hair/shirt was damp but it wasn't a full out sweat or anything. Maybe it's not the best gauge. I jumped on the elliptical when I was done and put resistance and crosstrain up to 15. It was definitely hard and I was moving slowly, but I burned 115 cal in 10 minutes. I just wanted to get a little more sweat action happening.

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A. & J. said...

This also sounds like fun!

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