Friday, December 5, 2008

Weekend of Chaos

This weekend is pure mayhem. My goals:

1/ I WILL stay within my points on Friday and Saturday.
2/ I will only eat ONE piece of Carson's birthday cake on Sunday
3/ I will focus on the VEGGIE TRAY before dipping into one of my yummy appetizers
4/ I WILL chase the kids around and spend my time minimizing the damage to my house (read: 12 kids + 14 adults) rather than sitting beside the table and eating non stop
5/ I WILL have one small spoonful of the 20+ dishes at the Caribbean potluck tomorrow night and spend lots of time on DDR rather than eating

I don't have high hopes of getting in much exercise, almost every minute of my weekend is booked.

I was going to go to the gym at lunch, but I think I'll do my Costco run at lunch rather than Saturday morning. Again, as I do every Friday, I tried to convince my husband to meet me for a big bowl of Viatnamese soup but he has a meeting and can't make it and I should just stick to the lunch I packed anyways.

3 people had this to say:

Anonymous said...

do you know how CUTE I think it is that you and your hubby have lunch together?

funny enough, i craved NOTHING but vietnamese soup (pho) during this pregnancy. Seeing you write about it makes me want some now!

also, i'm going to send you a list of stores in TO very soon - the one we talked about.


Anonymous said...

forgot to sign the comment above! Sorry.:-)


Christy said...


I know how you write, so I know when it's you!!

Yes - I'm ALL about pho!!!

No rush on the stores, I'm not going down till February!