Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Look at that!

See my side bar? I did it, I went back to the gym. I took about a week off and in that week I felt more sluggish, more tired, more bloated and more blahhh then I have since I got pregnant. The fact that we had my inlaws staying with us didn't help (let me clarify by saying it was AWESOME to have them staying with us, we had a great time, but not in terms of food)... we went out for chinese food, (which reminded me why it's been 3+ years since I've eaten at a chinese buffet yuck), we ate at the food court when we went downtown (but I got viatnamese shrimp soup), we had ice cream, I made apple crisp (I never make dessert just for our family), we bought kettle chips, we had fresh biscuits (which taste divine with peanut butter and jam) so all that and no exercise make a very unhappy (momentarily happy yes but long term happy no) pregnant mother to be.

Anyways, as of yesterday I'm back. And already I feel better. I went to step fit yesterday (where all the women were asking me where I was at Monday's class, they were worried because I haven't missed one in so long, so I had to explain that I took Monday off. I LOVE my group of women there and know they will keep me going to class much longer than I probably would have if I only had myself to motivate me).

Our fridge is empty so I'll have to run to Subway at lunch time, AFTER I go for a walk. It's going up to 11 here today so rather than the gym, I'm going to head out at lunch for some fresh air and a nice long powerwalk. SO looking forward to it.

And tonight, the word is groceries.

Update: Last minute meeting called downtown at 1 so I had to cut my walk by half so only made it out for 30 minutes. It's amazing what sunshine and fresh air can do for your mind body and soul.

Update #2: it was so nice outside that Carson and I went out for another 45 minute walk this afternoon! We took a break midway to trample through the forest, but at least it was more movement!

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Chantal said...

I have been meaning to do a power walk at lunch too. maybe today will be the day. I ran last night which made me feel great. I started getting back into running last week. I feel myself getting stronger all the time. Now I just have to balance that with some strength exercises and I would be much better off.