Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm here!

And in alot of pain! Monday we did 150 squats and 100 lunges. I could barely sit down this morning. Then I went to step - and my pain has increased ten fold!

Eating's been going OK, I really have to keep working at it.

Life is busy - look at my exercise tracker for the weekend. Not so good Christy! The weekends where I have more time than a regular workday is when I find it harder to schedule in exercise. What's up with that?

9 more weeks till baby comes and I haven't done a stitch of work to get ready yet. And now with the nice weather - it's that much harder to stay inside to get said work done. I wish I could clone myself. If I could, I think I would want freckles. I've always wanted freckles. And maybe a nicer bum - I have a flat bum with nothing to it.

3 people had this to say:

Amy said...

I love freckles too. Especially the ones that come out in the sunshine.

I have them on my shoulders, but thats it!

Sonya said...

Hey you,

Great work on those squats! Can't believe you're doing squats and step classes in your third trimester of pregnancy - you rock!

As for getting ready for the baby - nine weeks is a RIDICULOUS amount of time. Seeing as you are going to re-use almost all of Carson's things, you don't need to do much work at all. I was really worried about getting ready, and it only took me about a week of time altogether. You just need to make sure you have a pack of diapers at home, and the carseat installed.;-)


Sonya said...

p.s. I'd TOTALLY want freckles too. And a Scottish accent.