Monday, August 17, 2009

Ok, that's it - Day 1

I sucked (suck suck suck suck suck) at my last week's attempt.

So today it is. I just looked at the scale and it was higher than it was before. Mind you I've eaten breakfast and a bottle of water but still. It's a brutal number.

So I'm strapping on my shoes and headed out for strollercize and then I will come home to a healthy lunch My problem is, whenever I have gone grocery shopping I always buy myself a treat. No more treats.

I calculated the number of points a nursing mom of my weight (ick) can eat and it's 37 points. If I can't keep things under control with that number of points allotted to me, I will never lose weight cause those point numbers will only go down.

Off for a nice long walk....

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Lynn said...

You've been through this before, so I know you will be successful in the end. Weight loss is SO hard, especially with such a young baby, so don't beat yourself up! Sounds like you are getting the ball rolling and that is a huge step forward.

Good luck!