Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My nemesis: chocolate

The past few days have been a tad hell-ish (boys are sick, have to stay inside, I'm grumpy because I can't get outside yada yada) and on Monday I turned to my old friend chocolate.

It's crazy, once I start I can't stop. Despite the headache. Despite the sick feeling. Despite the grogginess. Despite feeling like I could (and want to) sleep.

That lasted for TWO days!

Last night going to bed I felt like crap with a capital C.

This morning though, that's it, no more. I woke up with a smoothie, went to the gym, had a salad with more veggies then you can shake a stick at, a yogurt for dessert and now off to lie down for a few minutes while both boys are napping (this is a rare occassion at my house. I need to celebrate! But not with chocolate....)

2 people had this to say:

Miss Gogo said...

I think chocolate is a lot of people's nemesis Christy. You are not alone. The main thing is, really, that you were able to pull yourself out of it and focus on the healthy eating again. You are doing AMAZING! Look at your weight loss the past 6 weeks!

Teresa said...

I can't do the chocolate thing, it takes over my mind body and soul. Sorry to hear the boys were sick and you had a rough couple of days. Looks like you got yourself back on the path. Take care.