Monday, July 25, 2011

Goooooo Monday!

As much as I hate Mondays because that means my weekend is over, it's also a fresh start for me. I love the anticipation of a great week.

My weekend consisted of a sleepover at my parents place on the lake, a day on the boat (my boys and I LOVE jumping off the boat and swimming in the middle of the lake), a great yoga class, brunch with family, splash pad, getting our food ready for the week and then out for a night with my sisters where I almost peed myself laughing.

This morning started off early. Like 5am early. But I sprang out of bed, excited (yes, excited!) for my Lean and Fit class starting at 6am. I'm back with Tony and couldn't be happier. After a 45 minute workout, I feel like I put all I could into it. Now my workout for the day is done, I'm always more inclined to eat well all day once I've got a workout under my belt.

My lunch today was delicious. I made a salad last night, just throwing in whatever I wanted and it ended up being:

3/4 cup (non cooked) Quinoa
Chickpeas (whole can)
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar and garlic (an oil that I bought from Farmboy)
30 grams feta cheese
red pepper, cucumber, onion
fresh parsley

I took a cup of it for lunch and am currently eating, and highly enjoying it.

Here is to a wonderful summer week!

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