Thursday, May 23, 2013

Start of my 38th year

I took the day off work yesterday.  I spent the day filled with all my favourite things.

  • 6am crossfit
  • Came home, got some presents, a crown, snuggles from my family, breakfast, got the kids ready and took them to school (which is a HUGE treat for me, I never get to do that!)
  • 9:30am 75 minute hot yoga class
  • home to shower, change, have a protein shake
  • massage at brookstreet hotel where I had my back pounded and beat on for 60 minutes
  • timothy's for a cinnamon roll and frozen choco chill (PSA: dont' ever get a frozen choco chill from Timothy's, it was gross, it got tossed out)
  • pedicure
  • pick up Beckett from daycare, a quick bath for him (he had sand in places a 3 year old shouldn't)
  • dinner out with my Mom/Ricky, Sister and her kids, and my little family.  I had a delicious dish of penne with rosemary cream sauce, mushrooms and chicken) it was delicious, and I finished it off with a small bowl of chocolate tartufo for dessert (no leftover cake to be stressed about)
And that my friends - was perfection.

This morning it was once again a 4:30 wake up (which was actually 4am - really bad night's sleep) for Soldiers of Fitness.  I don't know if it was the massage, the yoga, the crossfit - but I honestly felt like I was on fire.  I could finish every set we were given, I kept my form and breathed through the pain/intensity.  I ran my fastest (except the last time I was carrying a water jug and my arms were dead from previous exercise so I walked the last 100-ish m).  I can feel myself getting stronger.  Getting faster. Getting fitter.

I've said a few times in the past that I assume people think because I'm fat that I'm also slow, weak, and not up to par.  (yes, that's what I *think*, not what I know to be true).  Today standing while waiting for instructions, a fellow bootcamper looked at me, asked if I was running this weekend in the national capital race weekend.  I said no, and he said "wow, I thought you would be all over it".  REALLY?  You think that's something I would do?  The first time someone, who I've never spoken to before, assumed that I would be doing something that I could actually do (I know that sentence didn't make much sense, but I've tried to reword it and can't!).

If this is what being 38 is all about - being strong, the fittest I have ever been (not the smallest, skinniest, but fittest ever), being confident, and seeing what other people see?


OH - and starting June I'm going to be a full time crossfitter with the beautiful strong and I-couldn't-live-without Amy.  I can't wait!  I truly believe I owe my new-found strength to crossfit.


4 people had this to say:

LoopyJ said...

Eeeeee! 38 will be a great year! It's obviously already started out that way :)

You are incredibly strong and fit! No doubt about that! And I just LOVE that you received such a great compliment today too!!!

Chantal said...

what a wonderful birthday Christy and you are strong and i am glad I am hearing you using those words. And the best part if that i know you beleive it. You aren't faking it till you make it, you've made it honey! You are an inspiration!

Teresa said...

Belated Happy Birthday, have a great year.

Christy said...

Thank you ladies for the comments :) I think I've faked it for long enough that I'm mentally there (for the most part).