Thursday, February 20, 2014

I know I should know it... but maybe now someone else knows it?

I just got home from the gym, and at the end of the workout when my trainer was making fun of me, yet again, because I lost count of my rounds....

I told him what I did, told him the weight (75lbs) and he said "Christy, you should be RX'ing all your workouts now... he said you are easily one of the strongest women at this crossfit gym".


My upper body strength when it involves pulling my weight (ie: pull-ups, HSPU, rope climbs..) I am not even close to being there.   But when it comes to my legs and my push strength?  I'm there... I can get better... but my friends, when he said that, my inner sunshine beamed so brightly.

Again, yes, I don't need other people to tell me things about myself that I should know... but I will admit it felt pretty good.

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Kataroo said...

THAT would have been the BEST compliment a person could give me...WOW WOW WOW...Christy you are amazing!!!!!!!