Sunday, July 8, 2007

I felt much better today. Maybe it's because the sun was shining, maybe because I allowed myself to wallow in self-pity yesterday (if only momentarily) or maybe because I'm really in better shape (mentally) then I thought I was.

I got Jeff to drive me out 8K and then I ran back. There's something about running in one direction, to a final destination, instead of running half the distance one way and then turning around and coming back.

I was listening to my music and singing whenever I could (that's the great thing about PEI, there's no one around so I can sing till my heart's desire). I left Carson at home (he was actually sleeping when I went out) and it felt good (although I missed him) because I could get into the running groove and concentrate on my breathing and my positioning. When I run with Carson, I'm firstly concentrating on him and the stroller and me secondly.

I think running in PEI will be good for my training. The hills and wind (it's SO windy along the ocean!!) are definitely providing mucho resistance.

Distance: 8K
Target Pace: 6:34-7:34
Actual Average Pace: 6:26

Edit: I hadn't checked my running schedule because I left it in the room and Carson was having a nap - I just checked it and I was supposed to run 9K today, not 8. Boo!!! Mental note: always verify the distance and pace!!

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