Saturday, July 7, 2007


I thought it would be easy. I thought I’d be right back where I was, when I finished my second half marathon two years ago. But running isn’t easy. Today I went out and ran 4K. Granted, I was with Carson and it was super windy (that’s what happens when you run near the ocean), but it was hard. While I was running I was thinking I would have to run what I had just finished, three and a half more times. Can I do it? Today I didn’t think so. It was hard. But, hadn’t I just had the discussion with Sonya that that’s the exact reason why I love running? I love the challenge, and I love how empowered I feel after a run. I love being able to say, I just ran 10K. And I ran it in under an hour. If it was easy every Tom Dick and Harry would be out running, so I’m quite proud of what I can do. But some days it’s hard to get through my scheduled run. I guess the bottom line is that I’m doing it.

Distance: 4K
Target Pace: 6:34
Actual Pace: 6:21
Time: 25: 24

After my run I walked back to the cottage (2.5K) and then saw Erin and Deanna up ahead in the distance so I walked another 2K to catch up with them, and 2K back. So it was a great way to start off the morning.
AND my food intake has been great! I haven’t been depriving myself at all, last night I had a small bit of rice with ribs, quite a handful of salad and no potatoes or homemade biscuits! Then for dessert I had a half of a small piece of carrot cake and a half of a chocolate chip cookie. Last year I would have easily had a full piece of each (or two!) so I don’t feel like I’m overindulging, but I’m not depriving myself either. So, I guess after writing this I feel like I’m doing quite well. So I guess this is a magical blog too.

Deanna and Erin both said that they can tell I’m losing weight, and I honestly don’t think they said it just to make me feel better – I’m steering clear of the scale upon the advice of a great many women and just go by how I feel.

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Sonya said...

You're amazing - of COURSE you're going to be able to run the full distance. You know why? Because doing it is 90% mental and 10% physical. And you are one of the most strong-willed women out there.

To steal a little somethin' from Adidas:

Impossible is nothing.

You go girl! I'm humbled by your willpower and determination.:-)

Christy said...

Thank you Sonya, you always know exactly what to say.

Well it's Sunday which means I have to go out for a 7K run- it's cold and windy and miserable here but I'm going to do it.

Thank you thank you thank you