Friday, July 6, 2007

Friday's are my off day

So although I was tempted to run (no joke, I was tempted to run!) I walked about 7K. I didn't have my Garmin with me (which, I thought was broken but turns out I guess it was bum batteries) but it was about the same distance I went the other day and I think it's around 7K. Anyways, I did it in about an hour - I definitely walk faster then I ever have before.

Yesterday was pretty good eating wise - Deanna made homemade pizza so I had two small pieces, a small piece of strawberry shortcake for dessert and after 3 intense games of dominoes (I never came close to winning any game) I had 12 low fat pringles.

So far today, Raisin Bran and a cup of my fave chai green tea. Lunch will be light as tonight is a birthday party and there will be lots of yummy food!

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Amuldoon said...

Way to go... great job on getting in your runs/walks EVEN when on vacation!