Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thursday's run

Went well. I was without baby, he was getting a bit cranky before I left so I knew he needed a good sleep, so rather then sleeping in the stroller we put him down in the playpen.

I went out on my own, and good thing because it was super windy and would have been a tad rough pushing a 20 lb stroller with a 20 lb baby in it.

Distance: 3K
Pace (aiming for) 6:34
Pace (actual) 6:05
Time: 18:15

I ran 3K out and walked 3K back. I've been eating super well while I've been here (sure it's only been 2 days, but that's still pretty good) - no ice cream yet (I normally would have had it like 4 times by now). Last night while everyone was eating deep fried clams (that Jeff and Deanna 'fished') and french fries, I had made myself a quesadilla on whole wheat tortillas :) Chicken with salad for lunch and bran flakes for breakfast. Late night snack? Cherries.

Go me.

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Sonya said...

You rock, you rock, you rock!