Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Tempo - I don't think so!

I missed my Sunday and Tuesday run. Boo.

Sunday I was recovering from the wedding, and Monday and Tuesday were travel days so I didn't get out.

But this morning Carson and I headed out and ran 4K.

Distance: 4K
Pace (aiming for) 5:55
Pace (actual) 6:24
Time: 25:36

It was mostly uphill (gradual, but uphill none the less) and the road is in rough shape so it was slanted. But I did it. Not as fast as I was hoping, but we walked another 2K afterwards and I feel good.

Most of the time I come out here (I'm in PEI now) I start off doing my daily runs and then I slowly start to slack... but this time I am determined to do my training the whole time!

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Sonya said...

You must have such beautiful scenery running in PEI! Good for you for keeping up with it! Go, Christy, go!!!!