Saturday, June 30, 2007

My get up and go

Has gotten up and gone.

It's Saturday morning, Jeff let me sleep in till 8 and now I KNOW I have to go for a run. But I was out late (with Kate and LJ before their big day, but with them separately of course) and am tired and don't want to do it. I have a million things to do today before the ceremony at 3pm.

But it's only 3k - so it shouldn't take me long at all. Carson is dressed, the stroller is ready, and now I have to go.

Yesterday I didn't make it for my bike ride, and my walk ended up being only 2k because I think it was too close to Carson's nap time and he was kind of upset, so we rushed home and got him into bed.

I'm really trying to motivate myself to make sure I go for my LSD tomorrow after the wedding.....

Distance: 3K
Average Pace: 6.13
Time: 18.39

It was a wicked run, the weather was perfect and I could have kept going. But like I said yesterday I'm going to try my best and stick to the training plan. Plus, I have a million things to do (as previously noted). Carson fell asleep about after 1K, and when we got home I just picked him up and put him in bed and he's still sleeping.

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desajair said...

What's your schedule like? Is it 5 days a week? I'm going to try the one I did last time because I loved it so much--it only has two "quality" runs a week--the long distance and the paces, with little recovery runs in between.

Maybe in September we can meet up for some long morning runs again?