Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I'm registered.

I'm running the 1/2 marathon on October 7th.

That's 60 days from today.

I need to run hills today. The half marathon I'm running is VERY hilly, so I have to make sure I complete all my hill training. There isn't a great hill in Riverside South, so this afternoon if Carson is feeling up to it I'm going to go for a little drive and find a hill nearby so I can practice properly.

A sick baby takes precedence though, so it may have to wait till Jeff gets home.

2 people had this to say:

Sonya said...

You are going to kick that marathon in the ASS. So hard.

And you are such an inspiration to me, you know. I was just outside in the scorching heat, and was almost going to get some ice-cream on the way home...but I thought about your willpower, and I stopped. It feels so good to say "no"! THANK YOU, my dear friend.

desajair said...

60 days? OMG. Stress. Stress stress.

And hills? I didn't know there was hills. (I've never been to cumberland). Uh oh. I better get my butt in gear.