Wednesday, August 8, 2007

So happy it's done

Today, that is. I normally run in the morning, but because Carson was not feeling well, so I went this afternoon. It was HOT. TOO hot. But I ran it - you'll see what I mean when you read the facts:

Distance: 3K warm up + 6 hills + 3K cool down.
Pace: 6:06 (didn't time my pace) 6:46

I ran 40 seconds per km slower in the cool down then the warm up. I was dying at the end, I wasn't prepared for the heat. On the run home I was praying for rain. It got a bit cloudy for all of 2 minutes and then the sun came out once again in full force.

I've pulled something behind my knee? It hurts. It kind of stops hurting after the first 5 minutes of running but then on the walk home and the rest of the day it hurts. I'm trying to google it but coming up with nothing. It's on my right leg and it hurts like a (@*#^$ it's at the back of my knee, not the front). It's aching right now. Going back to google.

and normally, on a weigh-in day I would have a free-for-all, but I don't even want that. I don't think of rewarding myself with food, I think it's rewardive (is that a word?) enough that I am feeling so good - better then any ice cream could make me feel. So still have 4 pts left for the day and I've finished dinner. I forsee a freezie, frozen grapes and All Bran bites in my near future. That's my splurge.

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Kristen said...

You're a better person that me, I don't think I would go for a walk in the heat let alone a run...

Congrats on the freaking AWESOME weigh in! I'm so happy for you, but still wondering why a loss like that won't rub off on me lol.

Enjoy your snack, hope the knee issue works itself out.

Sonya said...

Frozen grapes? Really? Never thought of it before. I just discovered frozen bananas, but grapes? Tell me more, I'm intrigued, lol!

Hope your knee is better soon.

Christy said...

Thanks ladies! The knee still hurts but I'm wishing it away :)

Frozen grapes - I just buy grapes, wash them and freeze them. Then I just munch on them. They have a bit of a funny texture so sometimes I leave them out for a bit so they thaw a little bit.

I buy a whackload of grapes when they go on sale, I think I have 6 little baggies in my freezer with them right now :) Try it!!!