Thursday, August 9, 2007


It was PERFECT running weather this morning! 14 degrees with a few clouds. Now I remember why I love running so much in the fall and spring. None of this 30 degree weather to deal with.

Distance: 6K
Target Pace: 5:55
Actual Pace: 5:59

Not too shabby, but I still can't imagine keeping that pace for 21 km. My back-of-knee injury is still killing me, but I'm hoping if I ignore it long enough it will go away.

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Kristen said...

It's hard to imagine yourself doing anything before you work up to it. Your runs will get longer over the next few weeks, and you'll be more than ready....and skinny to boot :).

I wonder if deep cold, or one of those thermcare hot/cold wraps would help your knee?