Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Temp Temp Tempo

Distance: 4K
Target pace: 5:55
Actual pace: 6:16

I brought the lil gaffer with me, so I wasn't able to pick up the speed I should have, but it was a great run and we both had a good time.

SO - get this.

Yesterday we had Mark, Annette, Zach and Alex over for dinner. Jeff made chicken wings (homemade!) and shrimp thai red curry for dinner. I had one wing (yes, I said ONE) and 1/2 cup rice with about 1/2 cup of curry/shrimp/veggies. For those of you who know me, red curry is probably my favourite thing in the world (errr... besides chocolate) so this was HUGE. I had a summer harvest pie, ice cream and chocolate chip cookies for dessert and I didn't have ANY OF IT. Only a peach :)

Then this morning Jeff made bacon, sausage and eggs for breakfast. I had 1/2 bagel, poached egg and a bowl of fruit.

Giggles. I feel SO good. So empowered. So strong. So wonderful. I haven't weighed myself since the wedding, and I'm not sure how it will go this week because I had to estimate the points from the wedding... but I feel good, so I will do my best to remember that when I step on the scale tomorrow morning.


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desajair said...

Go you!!! I am bowing down in awe of you resisting that breakfast (not to mention all the other stuff!). Gosh, that is like HUGE in my world because breakfast is my favouritest meal.

Do you run in your neighbourhood or is there a path you hit up? I'm thinking of trying to take Kailey, but urban sidewalks and jogging baby scare me.

Christy said...

I LOVE breakfast too - but if I start off on the wrong foot - the rest of the day goes to hell.

I run in my neighbourhood. I run on the sidewalks and/or the road. The streets in our neighbourhood are not busy at all, so I'm not too worried. If there was a path though, that would be better cause I love nature-scenery better then looking at houses!

Kristen said...

keep that up! when you feel good,that's usually a pretty good indication that the scale is moving in your favour too.

Go You!