Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Ok, instead of posting what I am GOING to eat, I am going to post what I DID eat. Things change during the day, so this will be easier. My earlier post has now been editted.

I haven't posted about running lately, because, well... I haven't been. My knee was bothering me the whole trip, probably cause I was walking 1 hr + each day so I didn't really give it a chance to recover. Then as soon as I got home I came down with a nasty cold (and am just getting over it now) and I've learned from experience that the worst thing I can do while I am sick is exercise. It just prolongs the healing process (for me that is). So, as much as I hate to do-away with a goal I had in mind, as much as I hate to disappoint myself and others (Tarrah, Kerri), I am going to have to withdraw from the half marathon in October.

As soon as I get over the disappointment, I will be happy. I always stress myself over getting all my runs in, getting my hill training in, going the proper distance etc... it's almost like how I would stress myself over my weight loss. With my "new way of thinking", I'm thinking trying to log about 30-40K a week will be absolutely perfect for me. That's about 7K 5 times a week which seems completely attainable to me. And exciting. The thought of being able to run, not worrying about my time or my pace, is awesome. To just run, for the sake of running.

Tomorrow morning Carson and I are going to set out and go running (now I don't have to go without him for certain days, I can take him every time, he loves the stroller!) because we already have a long walk scheduled for the afternoon.

And, I'm reading the book The Secret. Sure, it's hoakie, and it's all common sense, but I found the self-help books that helped me the most are all common sense. Common sense that just needs to be pointed out to me again. The book is definitely not for everyone, but I do love what they say about weight loss. Think thoughts of a skinny person and you will be skinny. I don't think of myself as fat anymore, I just think of how slim I used to be and I'm just on a journey to get myself back there.

There are lots of instances in my life where this is going to come into play, the least of which being weight loss. I like to stress. Those who know me, know there is always something in my life that I like to focus on. To the point of stressing. I worry about things I can not control and often think the worst is going to happen. Now, applying the laws of attraction I am going to have positive thoughts consume me, and not negative. What I put out, is what I will get back.

I know some of you (I know whom in particular) will be rolling their eyes when they read this, but whatever, it's working for me, I'm in the happiest mind frame I've been in in a long time, so if you are reading this, I know it means you care (even if you don't know me) so just be happy for me.

Oh and I know I'm not supposed to, but I hopped on the scale yesterday as I didn't realize it but TOM came last night so thinking I may have been somewhat bloated I wanted to see what it said today... and it said, get this 166.8. I know it's not in any way shape or form official but it certainly made me smile.

And AMY - I REALLY want to do the ottawabootcamp at Mooney's. Is that the one you were considering? M-W-F at 5:30-6:30? Let me know if you are going to sign up, I'm 99.9% going to sign up and it would be extra motivation for me if I knew someone else was going. Let's do it together!!

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Amuldoon said...

Kay lady.. its on!

I just want to find out if its MWF or WTF...its a little unclear on the website.

I'm going to sign up!!

Amuldoon said...

ps- i just called.... its MWF.

But he could be potentially moving it to the Nepean Sportsplex because it has better lighting.

Ah well. Let's DO IT!

Christy said...

I'm good doing it at either place. Ok, so you're signing up for the 199.99 one? I'm going to too!!! I'm SO excited. The one from Oct 8th to Nov 2nd, right?

Amuldoon said...

You got it dollface.

I'm pumped. I just ran it by Andrew to make sure it was ok financially and he said:

"If you wanna do it then go for it baby!"

Amuldoon said...



ps- i'm scared, but totally excited!

Christy said...

I SIGNED UP TOO! So looking forward to it! And, to meeting you!