Friday, September 7, 2007

Signed up and ready to go!

So, the ever-so-wonderful Amy and I have signed up for bootcamp! It starts October 8th until November 2nd and it's Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. I'm a little scared, I've been out of the hardcore working out mode for quite a while now but I've been at least exercising enough that I think I will be able to hold my own. I know it's going to kick my ass, but that's what I need.

I would love to have a different class/routine/circuit every couple of months. I get so bored at the gym. I know they have different classes but I've done them all and it's always really the same thing over and over.

I went to Tony Greco Lean and Fit for a 6 week session and LOVED it. The only drawback is it's rather expensive. It was $500 for 6 weeks, the next time you sign up it's $400, the next time $300 and then it's $100 a month. I would love to do it enough so it would be $100/month because it really is a different class every time you go. They opened a new location right near my house so it would be super convenient. When I go back to work and see how our new schedule of two working parents goes and if it's not too much of a stretch I will most likely go back. Oh Lean and Fit I miss you....

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Amuldoon said...

I'm kind of looking forward to showing up and having NO idea what to expect ya know?!

I feel like I need to start training for boot camp! haha

Sure, I can run for hours... but I don't think that means a thing at bootcamp!