Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday's Yums

Cottage cheese (2)
Waffle (2)
Fruit (1)
Rice (3)
Chicken (2)
Veggies (0)
Tzatiki (1)
Bite of leftover meatloaf (.5)
Grapes (1)
Talapia (2)
Potatoes (4)
Salad (2)
Bite of leftover meatloaf (0.5)
Sip of wine (1)
Freezie (2)
Frozen Grapes (1)
All Bran Bites (1) ** I only had a pack this time whereas last time I had 2 (and underestimated in points cause I had overestimated earlier in the day on something else), in case people were wondering why I said they were 2 yesterday and 1 today.

Flex : 7/35

I took Carson out for about a 4K jog this afternoon. Ended up being hotter and windier then I thought. We stopped at the waterpark afterwards to cool off :) I've been snacking alot at night time too lately, again - karma back at it? I should know never to say this is easy. I take it all back! Forgive me!

2 people had this to say:

Amuldoon said...

It is a hot one out there eh?

I just got back in from a run myself...

How was the knee?

Christy said...

I can't believe I forgot to write that my knee was fine! I started out with no pain at all, then the same spot felt a bit funny and I was worried it wasn't healed yet, but then it was great for the rest of the run. I think my new shoes help :)