Saturday, October 20, 2007

Everthing happens for a reason

I'm sorry weight loss gods. I've been taking advantage of my good fortune. I thought I had turned a corner in my life, that finally I had a healthy relationship with food. The past 13 weeks have been over easy for me. And I've been flaunting that on here.

Last night a bunch of friends and I (with Jeff) went out for dinner. Someone had ordered chips with guac and salsa and I was mindlessly munching on them. Not to mention liquid calories (in the form of Friday night drinks). Then we ordered. I ordered an Arizon wrap with fries - fries? I haven't ordered those in 4 months! What the heck? Why did I do that? The wrap was divine - it was chicken with cheese, onions, guacomole, hot peppers, lettuce, tomatoes... and the fries were so-so. I didn't finish them at all. Then I got a drumstick on the way home! What the heck? And I did it all without really thinking. It was crazy. Sure, in the past my "binges" would have been MUCH worse. But still, it was like I was throwing all this hard work away. Without even thinking of the consequences.

This morning I woke up and was still so full from last night that didn't end up eating till noon (ok, my son had a 3 hour nap so I went back to bed for a few hours too) but immediately was thinking that we should all go out and have dinner, and I was imagining pizza for dinner. It's like it's a landslide. I eat poorly one and figure my weekend is shot. Well, I came down here, read a few of my inspirational blogs and quite a few ladies wrote about staying strong this weekend, not writing off the next two days only because we feel like we deserve it.... and you know that? I had a LC pizza (to get my pizza craving over with) and have teh rest of my day planned out and will completely stay within my points. That's even after inviting my mom and step-dad, sister and brother in law, niece and nephew over for dinner. We are having steaks, roasted zucchini on the BBQ, mushrooms and onions, a salad... and I was going to make a dessert but instead told Jeff just to pick up a box of those mini ice cream sandwiches. Everyone always loves a good ice cream sandwich and if they want to be piggy? They can eat two of the little ones.

So I lost my ... for lack of a better word ... mojo ... for a night. And it could have gone longer, but it's not going to. I won't take my 26 lb loss for granted, I know I worked my butt off to get here, but the battle isn't over and I have to keep on being strong if I want this mentality to stick for the rest of my life. And I do. Oh boy, do I ever. If I have one night like this every couple of months, that makes me stay in check and remember not to take it lightly and be proud of myself and my accomplishments... then bring on the drumstick. A bonus? I don't even feel guilty anymore. I've journalled it, accepted it, changed my plans accordingly, will deal with it... and have moved on.

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Amuldoon said...

I think we are long lost sisters or something... :)

Exact same thoughts running through my head today. I was thinking pizza for supper.. and immediately thought: WHY?

Now on the menu, pork tenderloin, sweet potatoe and steamed brocoli. MUCH BETTER!

Alea said...

I'm so proud of you and how you've dealt with the situation! You acknowledged the little slip up for what it was, but you didn't let it make you feel bad and ruin your determination. Go you!