Friday, October 19, 2007

Thanks Randi...

I am feeling pretty good since I had to think about why I'm so great - it's so good for the ego! Not only that, it's kept me on an upward spiral and I just keep thinking of more reasons.

I just took a shower (honestly I LOVE when Carson goes for his first nap and I can shower, it's a beautiful glorious 15 minutes, I love lotions and potions so my shower is my favourite ME time) and while I was drying myself off, I looked at myself. You can see my shoulder blades now! You can see my collar bone. My arms are getting more and more defined, my legs are back to looking like runner legs (everyone always commented on my runner legs even if I couldn't see it myself, but now I can). So who cares what the stupid scale says, I LOOK good. I put on a pair of pants that I had been wearing during the summer and now they are loose. How great is that?

I'm not sure why this happened, but yesterday I was so sure I was going to take a bike ride to the store and get an ice cream treat. It's weird, it's not like I even wanted it - I just kept thinking about it. And I wanted to do it. I can't explain it (and don't feel like I have to, to you gals!). But instead I had special K vanilla and almond for dinner (neither Jeff or I felt like making or eating dinner last night, he had a grilled cheese) and I never thought about ice cream for the rest of the night.

Tonight the gang is heading out to celebrate Tim's birthday - I have all my flex points, and if they get used (dinner and drinks) then they get used... I'm not worried.

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