Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why I'm awesome

Ok, Randi started a challenge to all us bloggers - to post why we are awesome in regards to eating, exercise and being healthy.... I figure this is just what I needed today (after you read my post below). I think it's important every once in a while to stop being number obsessed and remember WHY I am doing what I'm doing. Sure part of it purely to look good. But that part is becoming slowly not as important as the other reasons. 5 years ago when I first lost my weight, I can safely say that was the only reason. Now? It's maybe 5% of the whole picture.

1. I'm up 5 mornings a week at 4:55 to exercise
2. I do not eat fast food
3. I can out run lots of people who are skinnier then me
4. I can run.
5. I can do "man" push-ups
6. I don't even crave chips, chocolate or ice cream anymore
7. I rarely say "I'm tired" or "I don't have the energy to..."
8. I can get down on the floor and play with my son forever
9. Carson and I go for hour long walks daily
10. I may be considered "obese" but my pants are size 9/10

Maybe I'll add to this later on today. Right now I'm going to make some baby food.

4 people had this to say:

Randi said...

Yay! Exactly what I wanted. Don't you feel good now? You should! You are awesome!

desajair said...

Whatcha making?

Raiya's mum said...

You are awesome just because.:-)

You have lost almost 30lbs in the last three months. 30lbs! That's incredible!

I am beaming with pride.

CaRoLyN said...

Great post! That stupid BMI index. I hate that damn thing. I'll be overweight until the day I die if I listen to that thing!

Kudos to you for getting up to exercise, for me, that is the hardest thing in the world!