Thursday, October 18, 2007


Ok, bare with me during this post....

I weigh myself daily. It keeps me on track. I only "record" my weight once a week. Yesterday morning I was down to 160.0. This morning, I was up to 160.6. I was thinking I would lie, I would report yesterday's weight - but I'm not going to. So that's it. Down 0.6 this week. SURE it's still a loss. SURE it's the least I've weighed since Carson. SURE I'm doing it slowly but surely, SURE I've lost quite a bit in the last couple months... but it pisses me off, and I will tell you why.

Every time I incorporate a workout routine while following WW - my losses become smaller and smaller until my weight loss comes to a complete stop. The two weeks I've done bootcamp are my two smallest losses to date. And I would bet anyone 100 dollars that if I stopped bootcamp, my losses would go back to what they were. It's not like this is the first time it's happened! If I only follow WW and don't exercise at all, my losses are fabulous. What kind of motivation is that to keep up an exercise routine?

It also annoys me that I was in a fantastic mood before I stepped on the dreaded scale this morning. I had gone through all my work clothes and I tried on a bunch of pants and most of them would do up (but it wasn't a pretty sight) so I know if I could drop these last 10 lbs I would have my wardrobe back. Why do I let the scale affect me like this? Anyways, give me an hour and I'll be back to my good old cheery self.

And yes I'm posting at 7 am. I just got back from Bootcamp and Carson is still sleeping so I'll just fart around until he wakes up!

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Sonya said...

First of all, congratulations on the loss. I know it's not as big as you would have liked, but it's still a step in the right direction - good for you!

Also, great job on going to bootcamp two days in a row - you *are* a hero!

As for the smaller losses - you know more than anyone about exercise and muscle gain, and how the pounds will turn into inches, etc. Did you take your measurements before you started bootcamp? You could do some interim measuring to see how many inches you've already lost. Based on the fact that all of your clothes are fitting so well, that's a sure sign!

Anyway - I am not going to kid you - I always swear by the scale as a sign of my progress. And it *really* sucks when the loss isn't as big as I'd like. But you're doing ALL of the right things, so just keep it up. The scale will reward you in time.

Oh - and another reason why you're so awesome? Getting up at 5am to work your booty off is crazy-amazing.

Randi said...

Ok, you know that exercising isn't making you lose less fat right? It's other changes in your body (assuming you're still eating the same). Like everytime you work your muscles they hold on to water for a day. There's some weight. Not to mention gaining muscle. It takes a few weeks for our bodies to realize what exercise is all about and then you'll start seeing some great losses. Plus think about your overall health! You're way healthier exercising than not right?

Tigerlilly said...

Ok, so your going to hear a lot of this but here it goes anyway..

When you work out you are pushing your muscles to the extreme. When muscles are pushed they hold on to water.. as much as they can.. to help them recouperate (sp?) after. The great thing about working out is that you are building more muscle.. and muscle burns more calories in the long run. I know it is slow going.. trust me, I KNOW!.. but eventually that muscle is going to pay you back by burning faster and longer. Before you know it you will be dropping weight like crazy. (not to mention you will look toned and beautiful!)

Just a tip.. my weight fluctuates 2-3 lbs during the week (when I am working out the most) so I make the day before my weigh in a rest day.. to let my muscles relax and my body flush all that extra water out.