Sunday, October 7, 2007

Good and Bad (no ugly)

I was completely unsuccessful on my shopping trip the other day. Well I shouldn't say that. I went to Winners and bought a sleek pair of black dress pants (size 11) and a really nice see-through black blouse with white polka dots with a black vest for overtop. I suck at describing things, but it's actually really nice. I'm really not a business suit type of girl. I'm more a super nice top/shirt/sweater with a pair of nice pants girl. See? Told you I suck at describing things. Anyways, the main purpose of the shopping trip was to find something to get me through the next two months while I was still off work. A casual pair of pants or two.... but everything either fit perfectly or it was too small, and I didn't want to waste money on clothes that fit perfectly because they'd be too big in a couple weeks, and why bother buying something too small before I lose more weight? So. Empty handed came home I (except for above mentioned outfit). Oh, and some books for Carson....

The bad? I biked over to Kaethe and Peter's last night because Anne had come into town last minute because she has a new nephew! (so yay for me for biking and not driving) and I was below points before I went there... and came home after using up 3 points plus 9 flex points! Eek. So now I'm up to 17 flex points gone and we haven't even had Thanksgiving dinner yet.

The good? I start bootcamp tomorrow. Thanksgiving dinner is tomorrow afternoon so hopefully my metabolism will be kicked into high gear and I'll burn off everything I eat. Hehe. But I am bringing healthy options so I'll stick to those.

The other good? Remember how I was complaining that I had no pants (besides capris) that fit? Well I tried on a pair of my favourite black cords (9/10) and they fit!! I can't wear any type of form fitting shirt, but we are going out to Saunders Farm today and it's only going to be 13, so I'm wearing a shirtshirt and my cords. So, I'm smiling because of that.

Wish me luck tomorrow morning. The forecast is rain. They say dress appropriately because the bootcamp runs rain or shine. I've got to get my outfit ready for early schmearly tomorrow morning.

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