Friday, October 5, 2007

Enough is enough

I can't do it. I have to go shopping today. I have not ONE pair of pants that fit me. I have some capris that I have been wearing the last couple of months, but now that it's going to start getting cooler I have to start dressing for the weather. Which means long pants. And, that's a bit difficult to do right now because I don't have any. So - I'm planning on buying one or two pairs of pants to do me through until the rest of my wardrobe fits me. I'm doing it totally cheapo, and then when I grow (err shrink?) out of them I'll add them to my boxes of maternity and all sizes in between clothes. I'm lucky that I'm not back at work yet, so I don't have to get nice nice pants - just somewhat casual that I'll wear every day.

Wish me luck.

Oh! And everyone seems to be talking about their plan for Thanksgiving. Mine is simple, I offered to bring a soup and a dessert. So I'm making a butternut squash/apple soup which I can have instead of appetizers (appies are what ALWAYS kills me!) and then after turkey/veggies and dressing (I've allotted a few points for dressing, I'm a sucker for it) I can have my healthy low fat trifle (thanks Amy!) instead of the pie and ice cream that is always served after Thanksgiving dinner. I'll eat lots of veggies and fruits in the morning before dinner so I'll have most of my daily points PLUS I have 27 flex points that I can use, if needed.

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CaRoLyN said...

Great plan!
Good luck pant shopping and have fun with it.

Happy Thanksgiving!!