Saturday, October 13, 2007

Oh yeah...

Last night I ate 25 flex points. I biked over to my friend's house (yes, biked! In the bloody cold!) as she was having some of our other friends over for dinner... thing is, I went over after C went to bed, which is after I already ate dinner. I knew it was goign to be trouble. It started with two little hors d'oeurves, moved onto two little pieces of garlic bread, a half piece of Mississippi Mud (which is to DIE for), and a couple glasses of wine (ok, instead of biking because it's environmentally friendly, good for my health, it was really on the off chance I would drink some wine and not want to drive home)... but I had a great time, and once again - that's what flex points are for, isn't it? So, completely on the ball for the next couple days - which is how it should be anyways.

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