Friday, October 26, 2007

Variety is the spice

Of weight loss!

I'm making this for dinner (minus the olives, I loathe olives). I don't know how Zeffrey will feel about it, but that's what the chef is making!

I was making a new recipe weekly but then was slacking, so haven't tried anything new in two weeks and need to get back into it. I'm looking for a yummy eggplant & chickpea stew - I'd try this one but there were no reviews :( I'm watching the FoodNetwork (LOVE it) as Carson sleeps and Sandi Richard (has anyone tried her cookbooks, this one or this one? I really really want to but would like to know if it's worth it before. I'm going to go to Chapters and have a leaf through before I commit but would like some reviews... think it would be a great book for when I go back to work) modified a Persian recipe and it sounded delish!

Just like Sonya was talking about today, it's really important for me to cook super healthy and more importantly it must taste good, because Carson is slowly eating more and more of our food and I want to instill the best eating habits that I can. So in the last 5 weeks (can you believe it, 5 weeks before I go back to work!) I'm going to really try and up my cooking skills (I never really cook anything bad for us, if we eat poorly it's normally at a restaurant).

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Sonya said...

Sorry I haven't been able to comment here lately - I've missed you!

First of all, re: your gain this week. It's such a fake gain. You are doing everything possible to lose weight - bootcamping, counting points, drinking water. A few splurges is not going to erase your weight loss - plus, it's gonna happen - you're living life, right? So, that gain will be gone as quick as it appeared - it's such a "psyche". I know it.:-)

(2) I loathe olives too. I've tried to make my peace over the years, but it's not happening for me.

(3) Oh - thank you for your comment about the icky preggo belly. Mine is ginormous, and I feel like my ass is on the wrong side of my body, lol! Oh god.

(4) I'm coming across some great recipes that will serve you well when you start work, because they make generous portions (read: leftovers for lunch, or dinner the next day!), they're healthy (baby-friendly), and they're relatively easy. I'll put some up on my blog this weekend.

Did I write a novel, or what?

Have a lovely weekend, and hugs to both of you.