Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Just cause people were asking - we were in line at the border (around 7pm Monday night) for abou 20 minutes. We claimed everything we bought, and we were instructed to go inside and pay duty. I paid about $75 in duty. We were out of the customs building in about 25 minutes.

On another note - my closet looks AWESOME! I have given away two garbage bags full of clothes and just gotten rid of so much junk. I can't believe that everything in my closet, I want ot wear and fits! Oh, there is a pile of about 7 pairs of pants that don't quite fit yet. And I forgot I had most of them, they are all really nice. I wore them so briefly (I bought them the fall before I got pregnant).

And - because we went away Sunday till Monday, so I'm all screwed up in my dates now, because it was like a weekend away. So Tuesday morning (first day back) it felt like Monday. I forgot (for the first time EVER) that it was WI day today. I will post results tomorrow.

It's not going to be good, but I'm OK with that. This was my first week in 16 weeks that I will gain, I feel bloated, eating out does that to me, and I know I will lose it as fast as I gained it.

And - (this is the post that never ends) I've in love with the Chai Latte from the coffee house behind my house. I get them with skim milk, and I think that's the only way I can make them easier on points. The medium from Starbucks says it's 4 points, do you think that's accurate? What else goes into a latte that I can ask them to hold or change. It's the best drink ever. It's called Remix, so the drink is actually Remixed Chai Latte, I think it's just a bit spicier. That's definitely where my flex points are going this week. I had one last night with a girlfriend, and another one today with a friend of a friend (looking at me, trying to make friends and be social!) who has the cutest little boy, born the beginning of August. He had the sweetest smile and was smiling and laughing with Carson (Carson just loved looking at him and wanted to get closer and closer, but I held him at a safe distance). God, it really made me wanted to get started on a sibling for Carson. I've forgotten how little and darn cute they are.

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