Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The weekend

4 pairs of Ann Taylor pants (beee-utiful!)
3 sweaters from Ann Taylor (for work, super nice and I can wear them with anything)
1 pair Nine West black boots
1 pair black Nine West heels
1 pair Sketchers (toffee, the colour isn't listed on that site, but they are super nice)
1 long cardigan sweater (to my knees) from Banana Republic
1 turtleneck empire waist sweater from Banana Republic
1 pair Tommy Hilfiger trouser jeans with a belt (sound ugly but are gorgeus)
1 long sleeved TH shirt
8 more tops for work (I dont want to describe them all)
2 beautiful purses (but bigger bag type totes for work, one black and one brown - cause I have a brown and a black winter jacket)
Christmas present for Sofia, Petra and Brinley
Christmas stocking for Carson from Pottery Barn kids (god I would buy out that store in a second if I had millions) I got the train one
Halloween outfit for Carson for next year (it was $5.00)
Winter cozy sleepers for Carson from Children's Place (fleece one pieces)
A couple long sleeved shirts from Osh Kosh for Carson (they are size 3T, so not for a few years, but they were so cheap I couldn't NOT buy them ($3!))
Some Christmas decorations from my fave Christmas special
Christmas decorations for the girls (every year, my girlfriends and I exchange Christmas ornaments, the wackiest, craziest most unique ones we can find - you should see my tree!)

And I am SURE I am missing things - all for under $700! I am SET to go back to work and I will look wicked. Now I need to accessorize, but that's easy enough to do around here. I need to get a haircut too. I didn't eat that poorly, and we shopped for 8 hours straight on Sunday (we forgot to eat lunch!) and 9 the next day (we had breakfast and then an ice cream cone around 4, and shared a bag of doritos on the way home). I was jonesing for fruit and veggies today let me tell you.

And I am for sure a size 10 right now - no matter which store I was in, the 10 fit. And my shirts - all medium :) I am really happy in a size 10. Hopefully, before too long, Jeff and I will be trying to get pregnant so I think the 10's will be good for at least a couple years :) I'm healthy, I'm not struggling to stay at this weight, I'm becoming less obsessed with my weight as the days go by, and I feel like I'm pretty darn energetic.

My english and sentence structure was horrible in this post, so I apologize.

4 people had this to say:

Cory said...

That sounds like an awesome shopping trip. Now you just have to model some of the pieces for us so we can love them as much as you do! :)
Congrats on being a solid 10!

Anne said...

SCORE!! Did you get all of this at the outlets or did you go to Syracuse too?
How was the border crossing? Glad to hear you had such a good time :)

CaRoLyN said...

Wow, you did great! I love a good day opf shopping and just think of all that walking you were able to get in!!

desajair said...

Awesome, nice to hear you had a good time.