Thursday, November 15, 2007


Down to 22 points. I really enjoyed those two extra points :) Oh well, I will just have to continue to choose my foods wisely. I've been really slacking on the exercise front, so I set out all my running clothes and tomorrow morning bright and early (dark and early?) I'll be heading out for a run. Jeff's home for a few weeks, so I might as well take advantage of having him around and time for me to get out and pound the pavement with my wonderful new Mizunos. I've had them since I was in Edmonton (August) but have only been out running with them a couple times. They did go through Bootcamp with me though. Ahhh bootcamp, I miss thee. I was just telling Jeff tonight that I missed bootcamp, and ever since it ended - I've been a bad WW'er. I need to get back into it... a few more weeks and I will be able to.

I'm loving wearing clothes these days, things finally look right on me again. There's still a bit of a stomach issue, but I love that the style is long shirts now. Lucky for me.

Jeff just went out with a friend for a drink and to watch the hockey game, so I'm going to run a hot bath and read my book.

Update: I went for a 6K run (it was DARN cold, snowflakes even!) and then did 50 push ups and situps.

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Amuldoon said...

I was a bad WWer without bootcamp... Bootcamp is good for me. Enough said.

I miss you more then bootcamp though!

We should get together for a coffee, pizza, cheeseburgers and poutine... no, just coffee!

CaRoLyN said...

Is there another exercise clas syou can sign up for? That might be a great way to get back on the wagon. Bootcamp sounds like so much fun!!
Good luck with your run this morning!

JavaChick said...

I love my Mizunos! They make me feel light on my feet and ready to run!