Sunday, November 18, 2007

Quick hello

The past couple days have been great - been getting in my 50 situps and pushups every day and honestly? I feel it working - yipee!! Went out to breakfast with some wonderful ladies and opted for the yogurt parfait (which really isn't that low in points) as I was going to the twins birthday party and wanted to save room for Leona's buttertarts. It's all about priorities.

After breakfast I dashed quickly to a few stores before the party started and picked up a few really cute tops for work.

Made spaghetti squash with veggies last night to offset the chips, salsa, jambayla, and salad I had yesterday at the birthday party. Today is another birthday party for Grace at an indoor play place which looks awesome! I know I'll be chasing Carson everywhere, so I've dressed comfortably.

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Julie said...

oh i tried making spaghetti squash once and it soooooo did not work for me. lol . i couldnt even cut it in half it was too hard!!! lol sounds so yummy though.. maybe one day ill have it.

Sonya said...

Please post the way in which you cook spaghetti squash. I know it sounds so silly that I'm asking, but I too, have had a couple of spaghetti squash disasters.

Cutting it is problem number one - it's SO hard. Is that normal?

And then, baking it in the oven seems to take ages (like, at least 1.5 hours) - is that normal?

Finally, when I pull out the strands, it doesn't seem cooked - it's still all crunchy!

Oh - and I'm proud of you for all those situps. Pretty soon, I'll be bouncing quarters off those abs of yours from Toronto.;-)

CaRoLyN said...

Sounds like you are busy busy busy but you're still making some great choices so good for you!

Sonya - I also cook the spaghetti squash in the microwave. It's way easier to put after you've nukes it for about 10-15 mins. And the strands just pull off easily!