Friday, November 9, 2007

I lied

Or, at least my clothes did.

The 10's I was wearing at home were loose and the 8's that I have at home were too tight. But I went shopping this morning and tried on a few 10's and they were snug. I could easily do them up, but the icky roll of fat hanging over the waist was none too pleasant and got me back on the walking/running regime.

Tonight's challenge? Carrie's birthday, we are ordering Thai (to die for Thai food from the BEST Thai restaurant in Ottawa) and my mom and I picked up our favourite cake (we buy for all family birthdays).

I will eat one small plate of thai
I will bring a salad from home to eat before said plate of thai
I will set and clean the table (keeping myself busy keeps me away from getting seconds)
I will attend to all the kids (I love them all to bits and would rather spend more time with them then eating anyways)

I will NOT have a piece of cake (remember the 20 odd hallowe'en bars from yesterday? I don't need nor deserve a piece of cake)
I will NOT have a glass of wine

I WILL report back tomorrow. Wish me luck! Yesterday I wasn't great, and after my allotted lunch I ate a bag of All Bran bites and two graham crackers. Hopefully TOM is right around the corner so I think that's the reasoning behind this insane sweet tooth that's been plaguing me this week. I would love to lose another 5 lbs at least before I go back to work and the aforementioned roll of icky fat will go away!

Copying Amy - I will do 50 pushups and 50 situps a day (proper form for every single one)

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A. & J. said...

aww.. you've been doing so well. At least have one glass of wine and reward yourself for no cake :)

Have fun at the party tonight.